snoos_the_moose (snoos_the_moose) wrote in tas_lolita,

Our next meetup!

 So, Now the Christmas/ New year rush is over, i do think its a nice idea  to plan our next meetup! 

I would like to be able to plan this one well in advance, so that everyone can attend. what sort of dates 
sound good to people? seeing as it is the holidays, and no one has school, maybe a week day this time?

What sort of things do people want to do on this meetup?

Do we have any new lolita friends we can bring along?

On another note! i dont know if anyone saw this thread from a post a few days ago
But...... Best idea ever? i think that we should totally put that date aside, or the day before (because the 6th is a Sunday)
and have a sweet old school styled meetup! 

what do you guys think?

so maybe we can plan to have a meetup at like the beginning of feb, and then the old school meetup at the beginning of march?

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