Cassandra (cassu_bean) wrote in tas_lolita,

meet-up on the 12th of Feb?

So it seems that people are cool with having a meet-up on the 12th as per this post. Whatchu girls wanna do? We could pack a picnic lunch at have in St. David's Park and walk around the markets. We could also visit the Narryna Heritage Museum in Battery Point. I haven't been there before but it looks they have a lot of antique furniture, period clothing and other stuff. We could take heaps of great photos there. :D I think entry is $10 but that allows you entry for the entire year.

What time did you guys wanna meet-up, 11am in our usual spot in Salamanca Square by the fountain?
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I'd like to go to the park for a picnic lunch but I'd LOVE to go to the museum. That's so cool that the $10 lasts a month.

11AM sounds good to me!

And congrats on getting married! :D
Oh, and Cass, can you please add my LJ? I deleted my leblacklace one because I hated the username. I hate this one too now. XD

I think it's been long enough since my leaver's dinner to wear my VM dress again :)
Wow! That museum looks awesome :D (Though I'm pretty happy with anything)
11 at Salamanca square sounds great!
I talked to Jessie and as long as we can find somewhere to stay we're definitely coming!

Ooh! The costumes! Let's go, let's go to the museum!
It all sounds good to me, can't wait! :D
Heee. I love going to Narryna, so a definite from me. Picnic lunch at the park also sounds lovely.
Hello all,
I just wanted to ask if it would be okay for my boyfriend to come along. He might not wind up coming anyway, but we were thinking about going to the book fair in the Long Gallery afterwards (or while we're all together if anyone's interested) - I just love antique books!
Sure, he's welcome to come along! I wanted to go the book fair as well. :D
It all sounds good :) I'll see you guys at 11
So I guess I'll see you at 11!
Jessie's coming too :D