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AIcon Oldschool Meetup

 Ok so, our last meetup was great! but it is such a shame that rosie could not make it :(

anywhoooo... i know there was talk of having an oldschool meetup on the 5th or 6th
it just so happens that those dates are the dates of the anime island convention that is being held at the DEC this year.
Cass has already confirmed that she will be a trader there this year, and Jayne has said that she will also be going.
as i have never been to the con i am very exited to go, but i only really wanted to go for one day.

as it turns out, the fruits fashion panel and competitions are on the sunday (The 6th)
so i thought it would be a great idea if we could have a little bit of an oldschool meetup on the sunday. 

prices for entry to the con are here
but if you pre-register  before the 26th, you can save quite a bit on the entry fee. 
pre- registration for here

please give your oppinions on this idea, i am really exited for an old school meet up :3

p.s. if anyone is in need of something to wear, all i own is oldschool, so give me a shout and ill help you out :)

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