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Next meetup?

 Ok so jayne and  i just got back from our launceston meet, and we had such fun!!!
bummed that you girls couldnt make it, but that brings me to my next point...

next meetup?

Jayne has mentioned that she is taking a trip on the 17th of may i think she said?  but i was hoping that we
could try and have our next meet at the start of may. Maybe the weekend of the 7th, or even the 14th?
The girls from up north are really interested in coming down for a meetup, they are so super lovely, so hopefully we can figure it out so that they can come down.

as for ideas i know jayne was keen for a ghost tour which is cool, but also the idea of going to MONA popped up, which
i thought was awesome. we could have a picnic on the lawns or have lunch in the cafe.

just wanting to put it out there early on for some input.

ok comments.... gogogo

I have never been but omg i just had a brain flash.
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Oh my God, lolitas at MONA would be the most hilarious thing ever!

Good to know you guys had such a great time, I saw a couple of pictures on facebook, you all looked gor-juss :D
i rekon it would be great fun. I can hell imagine david walsh wanting to buy us to put as a live-in exhibition at his museum lol.
Another meetup in May would be great! And I liked the sound of MONA and the ghost tour.
Just need a couple of weeks notice of the date so I can get the weekend off work, k? :)
sounds great :) im hoping that we can have it organised quickly so that people will be able to get time off work (me included)
MONA is a definite must. Only question in my mind is do we drive or ferry there? I vote ferry for the fun factor of going by boat.

Battery Point ghost tour costs $25per head unless by some bizarre miracle we get a group of 20+ people. Then it's $20per a head. Tours start at 7:30pm.

If we made a weekend of it, for the other day I was thinking maybe heading back to Richmond or out to Port Arthur?

Things in Richmond we didn't do last time are.
Puddleduck vineyard -
Grannie Rhodes - (I think this sounds awesome)
Saddlers Court Gallery -
Richmond Maze & Tea Rooms -
(Last time I was there this had gone to the dogs a little bit. May pay to check it out before going again.)
Oak Lodge -
(Gold coin donation to get in. Looks pretty to me, and there are lots of other pretty churches/buildings to roam around at too.)
Ashmore on Bridge Street -
(Have been here before and they do have yummy food, but we'd have to book once we get numbers or it might get a little cramped.)
Hatchors Manor -
(Have never been here, but is a different option from Ashmore?)

Port Arthur -
Many attractions, just check the link.

To get in we would need either a bronze pass -
Access to more than 30 historic buildings, ruins, gardens and museum houses
A fascinating, 40 minute guided walking tour—a great introduction to Port Arthur, its people and its past
A 30 minute harbour cruise aboard the MV Marana
$30 adult.

or a silver pass (full day) -
Access to more than 30 historic buildings, ruins and gardens
A 40 minute Introduction to Port Arthur guided walking tour
A harbour cruise aboard the MV Marana, including YOUR CHOICE of the Isle of the Dead Cemetery Tour OR Point Puer Boys’ Prison Tour
Self-guided Audio Tour
Lunch on-site at the Museum Coffee Shop or Port Café
$68 adult. (a bit pricey. yikes!)

Personally, I'm leaning towards Richmond with Grannie Rhodes, Ashmore & Oak Lodge for the day.
i agree about MONA being a must. With the ferry though, it only goes from the eastern shore doesnt it? and i was thinking that if we do a picnic lunch, we might want to be able to put all our stuff back in the car so we can wander.

id love to make a weekend of it and go out to Richmond the next day. even if the maze is crappy, we can just go to the tea rooms and all thew other things. + we cannot forget the lollie shop :3

porth arthur is so bloody expensive, i think it would be difficult for some people to come up with that sort of money + money for lunch and all that.
OMG zoodoo!!!
its really close to richmond to. yes?!! goood idea?
Really close. XD

View Larger Map

(experiment, let's see if it works.)

And yeah, great idea! Let's do this. >:D
fuck yes!!!! so like mona one day and richmond and zoodoo the other? we just have to figure out which order and what weekend i guess.
Zoodoo? YES!
I love the idea of MONA! I'm glad you guys had fun at Launny!